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Girls. HBD Kim!

Recently joined the CSA movement with Silver Lake Farms and have been receiving some of the loveliest, season’s bounty.  Perfect for food experimenting, impromptu gatherings and dinner parties! [Sending love/thanks to Bruce for the CSA reference! His LA-centric blog is fantastico.]

This past week, our house hosted an impromptu potluck and birthday celeb for Kim. On the menu: 7 rad ladies, 5 bottles of vino, much laughter, ridiculous storytelling, cheese!, Cahn Jr’s caprese salad, The Bazaar’s guacamole, seasonal kale salad w/ fish sauce vin, warm parsnip/potato/carrot salad w/ honey-lime-dill vin, Vietnamese sizzling crepes aka banh xeo, Kathy’s orzo salad, Beard Papas! and a bottle of rose.

All I have to say is lulz


Gurrrrrrrrl, lemme tell you

Only food photo! A forest of greens to accompany the banh xeo. Red sails lettuce, perilla leaves, mint, Thai basil

Darlin’ Uyen

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